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Back to the origins


Federico Monetta piano solo release

Fazioli  F-278


Recorded and Mixed in December 2020 at Only Music studio, Turin Italy

Sound Engineer Carlo Miori

Piano technician Emanuele Serazio

Graphic design and photos Fabio Rodda

Video Maker Andry Verga

JFM Records Lugano


Produced with the valuable support of ProHelvetia.

I took a year to make this new music, to think about it, to arrange it for solo piano.

I chose the Fazioli because I was surprised by its incredible sound. 

9 original tracks weave together jazz, popular music, rhythms and blues. 


I Colori del cielo an explosion of colour, gospel energy!


          Il Viaggio  the story of a people on a journey to the promised land.

L’indispensable sophisticated, minimalist ballad, Bien sûr!


      Message from sky stop controlling and be ruled, that's what the pianist did.

Nespolino Chorinho time with a catchy melody.

Bach to the origins back to home, to the piano, to popular               melodies. To yourself, to the origins.

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